Wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth

Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt through the gums

In the majority of cases, wisdom teeth are extracted because they cause pain and discomfort. These teeth erupt at the back of the mouth after the age of 17. A lucky minority either never have wisdom teeth or their wisdom teeth growth through without problems. But these cases are few and far between.

For the majority of people, there isn’t enough room in their mouth for wisdom teeth—which is one of the reasons why they cause such pain and discomfort. Another reason they cause such pain and discomfort is that they erupt at an angle and become stuck against another tooth—this is known as an impacted wisdom tooth.

Assessing your oral health

When you visit Access Dental Care at one of our 3 locations across Perth, we will take an x-ray to assess your oral health. We will only recommend extracting a wisdom tooth if:

  • They cannot fully erupt, and are causing an infection. This infection is known as pericoronitis.
  • Decay is present. Because wisdom teeth are right at the back, it is more difficult to clean them.

Removing wisdom teeth

If we recommend removing your wisdom teeth, there are a few different methods available. Depending on how many teeth need extracting and how difficult the extraction is likely to be, we usually recommend having all wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic in the hospital during one of our regular monthly hospital sessions. Alternatively, extraction can occur in the dental chair utilising oral sedation. For very a difficult removal, we may recommend visiting a maxillofacial specialist. It is best to come in for an assessment with the team at Access Dental Care and discuss the best options that suit your individual situation.

Post-extraction you will experience some discomfort. The level of discomfort will vary depending on whether the tooth was impacted or not, and it is not uncommon to experience swelling for a few days. A follow-up appointment will be necessary to ensure the healing process is going smoothly and to remove any stitches.

With regular check-ups at a young age, our team at Access Dental Care in Perth can take x-rays to monitor the development of wisdom teeth. With early detection, your wisdom teeth can be removed before they cause significant problems. While extracting teeth is generally a last resort, this is not the case with wisdom teeth since they serve no real purpose. That is, most people’s jaws are too small to accommodate wisdom teeth, and so your oral health is not adversely affected by their removal.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth

If you would like to know more about wisdom teeth extraction,  or to book an appointment at one of our Perth dental practices, please contact us today.

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