Fissure sealants

Fissure Sealants Perth

Fissure Sealants Perth

Many of the cavities in children’s teeth occur in the deep pits and grooves of molar teeth.

Fissure sealant is a tooth coloured liquid which is applied on the chewing surface of adult molar teeth to prevent cavities from forming in early years. This coating, once applied, will stay on your teeth for a number of years.

Why do I need fissure sealants?

Your back teeth are known as premolars and molars, and these have pits and grooves on the biting surface. Some of which can be deep and difficult to keep clean with brushing. Many of the cavities in children’s teeth occur in the deep pits and grooves in these back teeth. Food particles can become trapped and this creates a perfect breeding ground for plaque bacteria. If left, this will cause cavities. While fluoride significantly reduces tooth decay on the smooth surfaces of the teeth, sealants prevent cavities in the molar grooves. Fissure sealants are a plastic resin that is applied to the tooth’s surface and by filling the deep pits and grooves, it makes it easier to clean your teeth and help to prevent cavities from forming.

We often suggest this treatment for children as a preventive measure for decay. When you visit Access Dental Care at Perth CBDBull Creek or Perth East, one of our dentists will assess your oral health and determine if fissure sealants are right for you.

The procedure

If your Access Dental Care dentist ascertains this is the right treatment for you, the procedure involves three steps:

  1. The teeth to be treated are cleaned and dried
  2. The chewing surface of the tooth will be prepared for the fissure sealant
  3. The fissure sealant is then applied to the tooth using a small brush and then hardened by contracted beam of ultraviolet light.

A non-invasive treatment, fissure sealants are a great way to protect you or your child’s teeth from decay and cavities. When in place, the sealant covers the deep pits and grooves of the teeth, protecting them from harmful bacterial plaque, which may cause tooth decay.

While the sealant will normally last for a number of years, it does, ultimately, depend on your diet and how you look after your oral health. Remember: the sealant fills the pits and grooves of molars and premolars—so the tooth is not impervious to decay and bacteria.

As with any form of preventive or restorative treatment, it is even more important you visit Access Dental Care in Perth every 6 months. During check-ups, your Access Dental Care dentist can assess your oral health and make sure the fissure sealant is still intact.

Fissure Sealants Perth

If you would like to know more about fissure sealant treatment, or to book an appointment at Access Dental Care, please contact us today.

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