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Having a local Bull Creek dentist makes it that much easier to ensure you attend regular 6 monthly check-ups.

Every dentist you have ever been to likely advises you to return in another 6 months. But why? Each check-up doesn’t make an aesthetic difference, you don’t feel any pain, so what’s the point?

Six Monthly Dental Check-ups

Six Monthly Dental Check-ups

Six Monthly Dental Check-ups

Having a regular dental check-up is an essential component of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. The responsibility is yours in between those check-ups to maintain a proper oral health regime to prevent decay..

What’s involved in a 6-month check-up?

Your highly qualified dentist at Bull Creek will thoroughly examine your teeth for signs of decay, but what you might not realise is that there are many more benefits to a check-up than just decay treatment. Your Access Dental Care Dentist will evaluate the state of your gums, bite, saliva, face and lower jaw joints. Additionally, they will look for anything unusual via a head and neck examination and examine your entire mouth for signs of oral cancer, diabetes and/or vitamin insufficiencies. The dentist will then complete a thorough clean and scale of your teeth all while providing educational information to ensure you have the tools of knowledge to keep your mouth healthy.

During your check-up, we will pay particular attention to plaque and tartar. The reason we focus on these areas is that plaque and tartar can build up very quickly if proper oral hygiene is not practised between your 6-month visits. If the remains of food and drink particles are not removed, soft plaque can harden which can cause tooth decay and may irritate the gum tissue, leading to gum disease.

As part of your comprehensive check-up, the dentist will inspect your tongue, gums, mouth, and throat among several other components that indicate how healthy your oral state currently is.

Head and Neck Examination

Head and Neck Examination

The dentist will begin by examining

Your face

Your neck

Your lymph nodes

Your lower jaw joints (TMJs

Head and Neck Examination

Dental Check-up

Dental Check-up

Dental Check-up

Followed by an assessment of your teeth and gums by examining

Signs of gum disease

Sign of loose teeth

State of your oral tissues

Your tongue

Your gums

Your bite

Signs of tooth decay

Broken teeth

X-rays (if appropriate)

Damaged fillings

Your gum line

Dental appliance evaluation (if applicable)

Teeth spacing, gaps and/or crowding

Scale and Clean

Scale and Clean

Finally, the dentist will perform a thorough clean and scale to ensure that your oral state is in a 100% health capacity by:

Examining the condition of your teeth and gums

Removing plaque and tartar

Polish your teeth

Flossing your teeth

Recommended brushing and flossing methods

Scale and Clean

Your Dentist in Bull Creek

Upon completion of your 6-monthly check-up, a diagnosis of your overall oral state and hygiene methods will be provided to give your teeth the best chance of staying healthier for longer. You must book an appointment every 6 months to provide a routine examination and cleaning. By visiting the dentist every 6 months and by following a good oral hygiene technique at home, you are much more likely to preserve your teeth and gums.

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