Why you should avoid DIY Orthodontics

Why you should avoid DIY Orthodontics

DIY aligner braces may seem like the perfect option as they’re cheaper and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

But don’t be fooled thinking they offer the same fantastic results that an orthodontist can provide you.

DIY mail order aligners may work in some minor cases, however they still should be avoided due to the risks involved.

The popularity of DIY aligner kits is rising, and at Access Dental Care we advise not using this method as teeth should be moved by an expert.

Maybe you are an expert in oral health knowledge, but this isn’t enough to understand how to move teeth properly without causing damage.

The process of moving teeth is more complicated than just popping an aligner in and waiting for results. An orthodontist looks at overall health, including signs of decay, gum disease and other underlying issues as these can all impact the effectiveness of treatment.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are an excellent option for straightening teeth in a discreet and comfortable way, without having to deal with brackets or wires.

The aligners should be administered by an orthodontist who offers Invisalign or another brand which delivers excellent results.

The aligners work by a series of trays, which are made using 3D scans of your smile. The 3D scans will be used to show how your teeth will straighten over the period of treatment.

Each aligner tray is slightly different to account for smile changes that occur within a two week period of wear.

This is how aligners administered by an orthodontist work, but what about DIY clear aligners?

So, what are DIY aligners?

Aligners that you can find and purchase online. You will receive a package by mail which includes a mould that you use to take an impression of your own teeth.

You then mail the impression back to the DIY aligner provider and they will fabricate your aligners and send them to you.

You are now ready to pop your aligners in, without any expertise or supervision.

This means there is no orthodontist who will be overseeing your treatment and ensuring your aligners are correctly fitting and working as intended.

So, before opting into mail order aligners, you must understand that you are responsible for anything that goes horribly wrong.

Risks associated with mail-order clear aligners

Issues with DIY aligners include:

  • Poorly fitting aligners
  • Teeth do not move
  • Tooth decay/cavities undetected
  • Create gaps between teeth
  • Gum recession
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Root damage
  • Loss of teeth
  • Joint and teeth pain
  • Teeth can easily move back
  • No orthodontic supervision
  • Expensive repairs
  • No money back guarantees

The big issue with DIY orthodontics is that you can cause irreversible damages or tooth loss, and you are not covered financially when something goes wrong. 

Ask yourself the following:

What if my aligners don’t fit? What if my teeth suffer damages, possibly irreversible damage? Will I get my money back?

Who should perform my orthodontic treatment?

If you require orthodontic treatment, it’s important that you visit a specialist in moving teeth, an orthodontist. Orthodontists have the knowledge and years of experience in practicing how to correctly and safely move teeth.

At Access Dental Care in Perth, our team is experienced and offers treatment options to fix issues ranging from mild to severe. Our practice is family-friendly and provides beautiful smiles to all patients.

If you require orthodontic treatment and would like to find out more information, or would like to book an appointment with Access Dental Care, then please kindly click here.

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