Top tips for a healthier smile

Top tips for a healthier smile

Improve the condition of your smile by putting some extra effort into your daily hygiene routine.

Your smile says a lot about your health, and it’s an important feature of your overall appearance. Everyone wants their teeth to look bright and beautiful, but the reality is that it takes some effort to achieve optimal oral health. We’ve put together our top tips for improving the condition of your teeth and gums for the sake of your health, as well as the aesthetic of your smile…

Don’t skip professional cleans

One of the best ways to keep your teeth looking and feeling fresh is to see your dentist or dental hygienist for regular teeth cleanings. Ideally, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. During the process, plaque and tartar will be removed from the surface of the teeth, as well as the gum line. This will reduce your risk of gum disease and help to get rid of surface stains and discolouration.

Floss every day

It’s likely that you have heard about the benefits of flossing, but if you are wondering whether it’s worth the effort, the answer is: yes! Flossing helps to get rid of plaque in areas that your toothbrush simply can’t reach and can go a long way in preventing problems like tooth decay and gum disease from developing. If you haven’t quite mastered your flossing technique or need some tips to ensure that you are flossing effectively, don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns with your dentist. They will provide you with all the information that you need, as well as a demonstration if necessary.

Limit stain-causing foods and drinks

If you want to keep your smile looking as bright as possible, there are a few foods and drinks that are best avoided or enjoyed in moderation only. When it comes to causing stains and discolouration, some of the worst culprits include coffee; tea; wine; dark sauces like soy; and highly pigmented berries. Fortunately, stains that develop on the surface of the teeth as a result of dietary choices can often be removed with a professional clean or resolved with a whitening treatment. But, if you would prefer to avoid stains altogether, it’s best to limit your consumption of dark and acidic foods and beverages. It’s also helpful to drink through a straw whenever you enjoy a dark-coloured drink as this limits exposure to your teeth.

Stay hydrated

It is important that you drink plenty of water every day for the sake of your overall health, and your mouth will also benefit if you try to stay hydrated. Water helps to keep the mouth clean by washing away leftover food particles and bacteria, especially after eating.

Try to drink tap water if you can as this usually contains the recommended amount of fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens the enamel of the teeth and can help to prevent tooth decay.

How can we help?

At Access Dental Care, we place a lot of importance on overall wellness and prevention. We understand that oral health is not just about your teeth, which is why we always consider total body wellness when designing a treatment plan for you.

We love helping our patients to maintain the condition of their smile. We encourage you to practice proper oral hygiene on a daily basis, and to take advantage of our preventative dentistry services. These treatments include full oral assessments; dental x-rays; oral hygiene advice; gum disease treatments; and fluoride treatments.

To find out more about our general and preventative dentistry services, please have a look here. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice in Perth.

To book an appointment, please contact us here or give us a call on (08) 9485 0600.

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