The unexpected link between oral health and Pneumonia

The unexpected link between oral health and Pneumonia

Did you know that good oral health can prevent Pneumonia?

It may sound like an unlikely link, but according to a study conducted by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, regular dental visits and good oral hygiene could help to prevent pneumonia. The research suggests that staying on track with dental visits could help to reduce bacteria in the mouth, in turn reducing the risk of developing lung infections.

What is pneumonia?
Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs, the most common form of which is caused by bacteria. The condition causes inflammation in the lungs, which often leads to a build-up of fluid. Common symptoms include coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath.

What did the study find?
Pneumonia is a fairly common illness, and in some cases, can even be life-threatening. The study performed by the Infectious Diseases Society of America analysed a national database of more than 26,000 people, and found that those who never go for dental check-ups had an 86 per cent higher risk of developing pneumonia than those who visited their dentist twice a year.

The study found a strong link between oral health and pneumonia, and highlighted the fact that maintaining good oral health habits can go a long way in keeping generally healthy. While it’s not possible to ever eliminate bacteria in the mouth, good oral hygiene and regular dental visits can limit the potentially damaging bacteria present in the body.

What can we do?
This is just one of many studies that suggest that there is an important connection between oral health and overall wellness, so it is very important that you look after your teeth and gums as best you can. We recommend that you come in and see us regularly so that you can prevent serious health issues from occurring at a later stage.

We offer preventative dentistry services, including oral assessments and dental X-rays. We also encourage our patients to maintain healthy habits by brushing twice a day, for two minutes each time. When you come in and see us, we are happy to recommend the type of toothbrush that best suits you.

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