How to protect your smile while playing sports

How to protect your smile while playing sports

General dentistry is about more than just check-ups and fillings. The team at Access Dental Care in Perth can help you keep your teeth safe while you head out onto the field.

Any sport, whether it be contact or non-contact, can be dangerous to play. From hockey to rugby, wearing the right protective equipment can mean the difference between a good game and a trip to the emergency department. Buying the right gear can be difficult, but what do you do when it comes to protecting your teeth?

At Access Dental Care, our general dentistry is about more than just your routine treatment. We want to help you be more proactive, instead of reactive, when it comes to looking after your teeth. Neglecting to wear a mouthguard is almost asking for an injury. Store bought mouthguards can be effective but there is nothing better than a custom built mouthguard to protect your oral and overall health. Whether you have invested money into straightening your smile or just simply don’t want to have to fix a chipped tooth in the future, a custom mouthguard is a small price to pay to protect your teeth.

What is the process of getting a custom-fitted mouthguard?

Our expert team have helped many athletes protect their teeth. Our mouthguards are made from a very strong and durable material. Your dentist will take a mould of your upper and lower teeth and send them to our laboratory. Once our technician has created your custom mouthguard, we can get you the final product before your next game.

How can a custom-fitted mouthguard protect my teeth?

Playing sports is always filled with risks. Reducing the risk of injuries will help you continue to be an asset to your team and perform at your peak. A mouthguard can reduce the risk of more than just damaged teeth. Jaw, neck and spine injuries can be prevented with a mouthguard. Damaging your mouth, lips and tongue with your teeth can also be lessened. A custom-fitted mouthguard can even reduce the risk of a concussion!

While you make sure you’re protecting your body, you can also make sure you have the confidence to play at your peak. Whereas a store-bought mouthguard can be difficult to talk and breathe through, a custom fitted mouthguard will help you catch your breath and communicate with your team effectively.

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When it comes to our health, it tends to be easy for us to neglect our teeth. From drinking sugary soft drinks to ignoring an overbite, visiting a dentist seems to be the last thing on our priority list. Proactive care is always better than reactive care, which is why we tell our patients to cut down on sugary drinks before they get a cavity and why you should order a customised mouthguard before you run out onto that field.

Whatever sport you play, you want to make sure you have the best gear to help put you ahead of the other team and to keep you on top of your game. A custom-fitted mouthguard will give you one less thing to worry about at half-time.

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