How to have a healthy Christmas!

How to have a healthy Christmas!

Steer away from sugary foods and keep your teeth healthy during the festive season

The holiday season is filled with cakes, candies, cookies, puddings and other desserts. It’s sugary sweet!

So why not try a healthier alternative this year? Maybe you have fitness goals you’re trying to achieve? Maybe you want to maintain or improve your oral health?

Whatever your reason, we promise a healthier Christmas has its benefits. If it doesn’t work out for you, next Christmas can always be sugary sweet instead!

What’s so wrong with sugary foods?

Sugary foods taste so good but are so bad for our oral health. The sugar is used as food for the bacteria in our plaque. These bacteria use sugar to create acid which causes tooth decay as it dissolves enamel, the protective layer on our teeth. This causes tooth decay and can lead to cavities forming.

Some healthy ideas for Christmas:

  • Fruit:

Fresh fruit is tasty, nutrient rich, mouthwatering and a healthy option. Chewing on certain fruits such as apples even helps to clean teeth. If fruit alone isn’t enough, add a dark chocolate dipping sauce or get creative and create designs such as Christmas trees made of fruit. Overall fruit is a fantastic way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Nut mixes:

Nuts are a great snack option. The healthiest nuts include almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, pecans, macadamias, brazil nuts and hazelnuts. All of these contain vitamins and minerals, which provide excellent health benefits.

So go nuts!

  • Dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk and white chocolate. Plus dark chocolate contains antioxidants and is rich in minerals like iron, magnesium and zinc which provide you health benefits.

  • Fresh vegetables:

Bringing out a platter of fresh vegetables may not receive the same looks as a bowl of Christmas pudding or sweets. But pair it with a delicious dip like hummus, garlic or any other yummy alternative dip and maybe it will receive those looks. We especially recommend carrot, cucumber, celery, broccoli, capsicum, tomato and cauliflower.

  • Coconut chips:

High fiber and healthy fats content make coconut chips a delicious option for the table.

  • Cheeses:

Cheeses are a great choice as they contain a range of minerals, vitamins and proteins needed to stay healthy. Also did you know that cheese helps protect you against tooth decay.

  • Peanut butter:

Make sure to find a peanut butter spread that has no added sugars, fats or preservatives to use as a tasty dipping treat.

  • Greek yogurt:

Lower sugar levels than regular yogurt, which means you can enjoy delicious yogurt alongside fresh fruit while doing little damage to your teeth.

More healthy foods and recipes that have fabulous benefits and cause little to no harm to your teeth and gums can be found online. Create a healthy Christmas this festive season!

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