How to handle a dental emergency

How to handle a dental emergency

If you have a dental emergency after hours it’s important you visit a 24/7 emergency dentist and, of course, try to stay calm!

A dental emergency can occur at any time and can come in a number of different forms. Some dental issues can take months to arise, but a dental emergency can occur following even the slightest amount of trauma. By being prepared, you can help improve care in the event of such an emergency. Let’s take a look at some of the most common dental emergencies.

Broken or fractured teeth

Broken or fractured teeth can become quite painful, and if the nerve of the tooth becomes exposed, even the simple act of breathing is almost intolerable. Please never attempt to fix a broken tooth at home instead seek the immediate attention of a dentist. Saving the broken tooth is heavily dependent on the severity and location of the break. Until you are able to see a dentist we recommend rinsing your mouth with warm water, applying a cold compress outside the affected area, and keeping the area as clean as possible to avoid infection.

Aches and pain

Even the dullest of aches can be a symptom of advanced decay, and if left untreated, it can result in damaged tissue within the root canal of a tooth. It is important to not adopt the wait and see approach and act quickly, as having a check-up can be the difference between a basic filling and a root canal. To ease the pain before getting in to see a dentist, you can rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold press.

Dislodged/ knocked out tooth

A knocked out tooth is the most common dental emergency. If you have had an accident or injury which has resulted in a tooth being dislodged or knocked out, it is vital that you act quickly and see a dentist within 30 minutes of the tooth being knocked out. Time is of the essence and can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth. If this occurs it is important the tooth is picked up by the crown, not the root, and rinsed in milk.Do not remove any tissue fragments and keep the tooth in your cheek or milk.

Avoiding a dental emergency

Some dental emergencies are caused by accidents and are often unavoidable; however, there are a number of factors which improve your chances of avoiding emergency dental work:

  • Never neglect to brush or flossing your teeth – ensuring daily brushing and flossing of teeth can help protect from oral disease.
  • Visit your dentist regularly, this will ensure any issues can be identified as soon as they arise, avoiding the need for major treatment.
  • When it comes to the sports field, ensure you take the proactive approach and wear a custom-fitted mouth guard. Contact us today to have one fitted for you.

Dental Emergency in Perth

In the event of a dental emergency, call Access Dental Care immediately on (08) 9468 7293, so we can arrange an appointment as quickly as possible. We have three convenient locations across Perth in Perth CBD, Bull Creek and East Perth.

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