Dealing With Dental Anxiety – Sedation and Gentle Dentistry

Dealing With Dental Anxiety – Sedation and Gentle Dentistry

Don’t let dental anxiety impact your oral health! We offer several sedation options for nervous Perth patients, ensuring you can get the best possible dental care without the stress! Access Dental Care can help you face your fears and access treatment through sedation dentistry.

Here at Access Dental Care, we understand that going to the dentist can be frightening. We don’t want our patients to suffer unnecessary trauma when undergoing dental care. As such, we offer a range of sedation and anesthetic options to calm your anxiety and make your experience easier.

What options do I have for sedation during a dentist’s treatment?

  1. Oral Conscious Sedation

There are several ways to make your experience in the dentist’s chair easier and less stressful. If you suffer from anxiety or nervousness, especially when undergoing medical treatment, our oral conscious sedation option may be right for you. It involves orally taking a sedative tablet before undergoing your dental treatment. While these sedatives are not painkillers, they will ensure that you are relaxed and ready when your dentist administers the anesthetic and begins the procedure. Important to note is that these sedatives will make you drowsy, so making sure you have a friend or family member to drive you home after your appointment is crucial!


  1. Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetics are used in almost all major dental procedures. A local anesthetic will not impact your mental state. Thus, it can be used in conjunction with oral sedation if you’re feeling anxious about your treatment. Local anesthetics are administered via injections which numb the area needing treatment. It means that you shouldn’t feel the procedure at all. Our dentists here at Access Dental Care will apply an anesthetic gel to the injection site before administering the local anesthetic, so even the injection itself shouldn’t cause discomfort. Because the local anesthetic only affects a specific area and doesn’t have sedation properties, you will be fully conscious during your treatment. While the numbness may take a few hours to fade completely, you should not feel drowsy or sleepy following treatment under a local anesthetic.


  1. General Anesthetic

If you cannot take oral sedation tablets or need to undergo a major surgical dental procedure, your dentist may recommend a general anesthetic. It will put you to sleep for several hours. It means you will be blissfully unaware of your treatment while it’s happening. A general anesthetic will knock you out and keep you drowsy for several hours after waking up. It’s essential to have someone drive you home after your procedure. It is encouraged that you ask a trusted friend or family member for transport rather than opt for a taxi, public transport, or ride-share service. Waking up after a general anesthetic can leave you feeling vulnerable and confused, as well as affect your motor skills. It’s crucial to ensure that you have a trustworthy caretaker following a general anesthetic procedure.

Sedation Dentistry – How We Can Help

Too many people avoid accessing dental care due to anxiety or nerves. This can create far bigger dental problems down the line. We recommend regular dental check-ups to ensure that potential problems are dealt with swiftly and easily. Undergoing sedation prior to treatment can make nervous patients relaxed and ready. It means that regular dental treatment is more accessible and less stressful. Here at Access Dental Care, we provide gentle dentistry with a range of sedation options. Wherever you fall on the fear scale, we can enable you to undergo treatment without tension. While it is impossible to guarantee completely pain-free procedures, sedation before dentistry can minimise discomfort for the patient. It makes the entire process far less frightening. Important to note is that all medical procedures, including undergoing sedation, have risks. We suggest talking to your primary health care provider for an additional opinion before undergoing sedation or surgery.

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