5 things that are surprisingly bad for your teeth

5 things that are surprisingly bad for your teeth

Hidden Nasties: Find out which everyday habits are surprisingly bad for your teeth

Sugary foods, dark coloured foods, tooth grinding and bad oral hygiene are obviously bad for your teeth; increasing your risk of tooth decay, staining and structural damage. However, there are some everyday habits that are equally as bad for your teeth, slowly causing damage you may not even be aware of until it becomes painfully apparent or visible.

Gradual tooth damage can be detected during regular dental check-ups and avoided with professional advice and adjustments to your oral health routine. To book a dental check-up, contact Access Dental Care today.

1.  Sugar-free drinks

We all know sugar contributes to tooth decay but even sugar-free fizzy drinks can be bad for your teeth. This is because of the acid used to create the fizz in the drink.

Acid found in fizzy drinks, citrus fruit juice and (to a lesser extent) apple juice can cause tooth decay through a gradual process of dental erosion. The acid in these drinks slowly eats away at the protective structures of your teeth leaving them vulnerable to decay and cavity causing bacteria.

If you suspect you have some dental erosion contact Access Dental Care and ask about our fluoride treatments.

2.  Firm bristled toothbrush

When brushing our teeth, we all want to make sure we do a thorough job. For many people, this means vigorous brushing. The combination of vigorous brushing and a firm bristled tooth brush can spell trouble for your teeth and gums which can be damaged by the rough treatment.
Although it is easy to assume that a firm bristled toothbrush provides a better cleaning, the rough scrapping can injure your gums and also gradually damage your tooth enamel.

This type of damage exposes your entire mouth to increased risk of bacterial infection and tooth decay and discolouration.

For advice on choosing the right toothbrush and forming a healthy oral hygiene routine contact us and book your biannual check-up and clean.

3.  Tooth picking

Although many people consider picking their teeth after a meal a healthy habit, this is not true. This method of removing food particles from between your teeth also scrapes at your teeth in vulnerable areas between the teeth where it is hard to clean and can also lead to gum injury. Regular tooth picking can also cause your teeth to shift creating larger gaps between your teeth caused by regularly forcing an object between them.

It is better to rinse your mouth, brush your teeth and floss regularly to get food particles free from between your teeth.

4.  Eating starchy foods

While sugar is notoriously bad for your teeth, starchy foods like potato chips and bread can be equally bad. If left in your mouth after eating, starch-rich foods are prone to causing plaque which is a sticky film that wraps around your teeth making them a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria.

5.  Constant snaking

Eating smaller meals may be good for your weight but frequently eating is terrible for your teeth. Having food and food particles in your mouth changes your oral environment. These changes include increased acidity, increased bacteria and more opportunities for plaque to develop on your teeth.

Rinsing your mouth thoroughly after meals and chewing sugar-free gum can help maintain the balance required for a healthy mouth and teeth.

Dental Care in Perth

Regular dental visits are the best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Seeing your dentist twice a year means they are able to detect dental problems and defects in your oral care before they become apparent or need drastic and emergency care.

To book an informative and comprehensive dental check-up contact Access Dental Care today.

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